Management API

Base Resource URL:



Provides access to configuration settings for a selected terminal.

In cases when an external identifier (Reference Code) is desired to be used instead of Terminal Code, the external identifier assigned to a terminal must be preceded by the asterisk (*).

Terminal identification URL
terminalCode https://[server-name]/api/v01/merchants/[merchant-code]/submerchants/[merchant-account-code]/terminals/1.xml
referenceCode https://[server-name]/api/v01/merchants/[merchant-code]/submerchants/[merchant-account-code]/terminals/*001.xml

Supported Actions:

Method:  PUT       Implicit:  Yes       Returns:  Terminal *      
Consumes:  query  Produces:  json, xml 
Creates a new terminal.

Response Codes: view

Method:  GET       Implicit:  Yes       Returns:  Terminal[] *      
Consumes:  query  Produces:  json, xml 
Returns the list of available terminals based on the specified search criteria.

# Name Type Required Default Description
01 offset Integer No 0 Index of the first record returned to the customer from the search result of a web search.
02 limit Integer No 100 Maximum number of records to load per single search web call made by the customer.

Response Codes: view

Method:  POST       Implicit:  Yes       Returns:  Terminal *      
Consumes:  json, xml, query  Produces:  json, xml 
Updates existing information of the selected terminal with the specified values.

Response Codes: view