Management API

Base Resource URL:



Provides access to the pricing plans available within the system.

Available sub-resources:

Resource URL Description
https://[server-name]/api/v01/plans/[plan-id]    Provides access to configuration settings for the selected pricing plan.

Supported Actions:

Method:  PUT       Implicit:  Yes       Returns:  Plan *      
Consumes:  json, xml, query  Produces:  json, xml, query 
Creates a pricing plan.

# Name Type Required Default Description
01 object Plan * Yes Represents information about the plan.

Method:  GET       Implicit:  Yes       Returns:  Plan[] *      
Consumes:  query  Produces:  json, xml 
Returns a list of available pricing plans based on specified search criteria.

# Name Type Required Default Description
01 offset Integer No 0 Index of the first record returned to the customer from the search result of a web search.
02 limit Integer No 100 Maximum number of records to load per single search web call made by the customer.
03 accountId Integer No Unique internal identifier of the account associated with the pricing plan.
04 createDate Date No Date when the pricing plan has been created.
05 amount Integer No Amount of the pricing plan.
06 billingCycleType Enum No Defines the frequency of the billing.

Possible values:
  • W - weekly
  • M - monthly
  • Q - quarterly
  • S - semi-annually
  • A - annually