Type:    Form
Description: Provides access to the list of users available in the system.

Hide inherited users
Allows to hide or show the list of all inherited users for this account.

Users List

Includes the list of all users connected to this fulfillment center.
Identifier of the object used for references; auto-incremented integer value.

Type of the user in the system.

Two types are available:

  • Human
  • System
User Name
Username associated with this user account.

References: User.userName
Full name of the user represented by this user account.

Create Date
Date when the record was created.

References: User.createDate
Indicates whether the user account is active within the system.
The value is based on the userStatusCl field value.

References: User.isActive
View Details
Allows to see the additional information for this user account within the system.
Opens Form: Human User Details
Allows to select one of the resending registration information options.
Resend User Registration Info
Resends the logon information of the user via email.
Reset Password
Allows to reset password for the selected user.
Opens Form: Reset Password
Delete User
Allows to delete the selected user account from the list.
Allows to add the new user (or selected the existing user account) to the list.
New User
Allows to add the new user to the list.
Opens Form: Service User
Existing User
Allows to add the existing user to the list.
The button opens the user search popup.
Opens Form: Select User