New Fee

Type:    Form
Description: Provides access to fee creation options.

Saves all changes on the form.
Closes the form without saving any changes.


Includes various fee creation options.
For credit cards only. If supported by a Provider, contains remaining balance on the credit card returned during the authorization process.

Used primarily for debit cards and gift cards. May not always be available.

References: Charge Transaction.Balance
Merchant Account
Code of Merchant Account to which instance of this object is attributed to. Depending on the context, Merchant Account Code field may contain either Merchant Code or Merchant Account Code. The field is primarily used for data partitioning and data management, to make it easy to determine the ownership of a record within the database.

References: Charge Transaction.Merchant Account Code
Due Date
Due date of the fee.
Code of the fee creator within the system.
Total amount of the transaction.

When partial authorizations are done, amount represents required amount, which may or may not be available.

References: Transaction.Amount
Tax amount included in the fee.


Includes any additional information about the fee.