Integrators have access to the widest possible array of resources. As software developers who write the code that connects your system to the gateway, you get complete access to API information as well as access to the many guides, lessons, and other help files we offer to merchants and facilitators. This includes the frontline help that merchants use for processing transactions, analyzing previous transactions and dealing with chargebacks, audits and more. And remember that we’re always here to provide direct support and personalized assistance to integrators like you. All you have to do is open a support ticket to get the assistance you require.

Support Ticket System

Sometimes, the information you need simply isn’t here. That’s when you need professional assistance aimed at solving your specific issue. If you’ve examined this help resource and haven’t been able to solve your problem, it’s time to ask for personalized assistance. By opening a ticket through our Support Ticket System, you’re establishing a connection with an expert who can often quickly and easily solve your problem -- or at least start the ball rolling on the solution you need. When there’s no substitute for specific and careful attention to your request, complaint or issue by a trained professional, our Support Ticket System is here to help you. View

Management API

In this valuable Management API section, you’ll find details on the tools, routines and protocols related to connecting merchants to this robust and full-featured gateway. This includes information on how to handle on-boarding, setting up the merchants and more. You’ll also find help for configuring their process setting like which banks, MIDs and TIDs to use. Plus, there’s detailed information on configuring merchant remittance setting for deposit accounts, merchant fees and more. This is the first place to turn when you need quick help and good information on the application programming interface options that allow you to connect your merchants to the nearly limitless potential of this gateway.

Processing API

Transaction processing is at the heart of this gateway’s operation for its clients. In the Processing API section, you’ll find the details you need on the classical gateway APIs for transaction processing. This includes real-time processing APIs and batching processing for your customers that need to process files. Also included are terminal integration APIs for retail merchants that require integration with their terminals. While we’ve done our best to make this resource easy to use, remember we’re always here to help if you need more information or some professional assistance. We understand that there are many complexities involved in working with this flexible and full-featured gateway.