If you’re involved with a business that processes credit cards and other transactions through our gateway, this section provides you valuable resources for helping you make the most of the system and the detailed information you need to deal with any problems that may arise. Our goal is to make using the system easy, so we offer resources aimed at helping you process transactions, analyze previous transactions, deal with chargebacks, audit your merchant statements and more. To get started, simply choose a resource below. Need assistance not found here? There’s information on how to get more answers too.


Our gateway may involve terms that are unfamiliar to you, but we’re here to help. Our terminology section offers definitions for most terms you will encounter as you use the gateway and explore these help files. The terms are listed in alphabetical order so you can quickly find what you need. And don’t worry. We’ve tried to make this online help easy to understand so that you won’t have to look up terms very often, but this resource is here when you need it. View

User Guides

This developing User Guides resource is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for some of the most frequently performed and most often misunderstood processes involving our gateway. From chargeback procedures to understanding internal audits, we have you covered. ID TECH reader configuration and the recurring billing process are explained in depth as well. With detailed instructions in an easy-to-understand format, you can make the most of our gateway and navigate its many complex functions with ease. These User Guides will make you an expert in no time. View

User Interface Reference

Dealing with a system that’s new to you can be a challenge, but learning to use your gateway doesn’t have to be difficult. In the User Interface Reference section, learn what everything in the Console, Gateway Console, Merchant Perspective and other views means and does. Our goal is make this the easiest to use gateway product available today, and this User Interface Reference is part of how we do that. You never have to be uncertain about what a button or menu means again when you have this section for your reference. View

How To Tutorials

Make the most of our user interface and therefore get the most from our gateway using the information in this How To Tutorials section. Our goal with this growing resource is to offer exceptionally detailed and in-depth tutorials on handling absolutely every aspect using our gateway. You can count on us to continue to expand and improve this How To Tutorials section over time, making it more complete than ever with each addition or change. Find comprehensive information here presented with the intent of making our gateway work better for you. Our interface is easy to use, but we`re certain you can use it better when you study these tutorials. View


In this valuable Lessons section, we group together and structure several related training resources to make gaining a complete understanding easy for you. If you don`t know where to start, this could be the right place. Each Lesson guides you through specific resources that will provide the information you need to become adept at every task. As with all our resources, the goal is to make you an expert at using our gateway in the ways you need to use it. Once you completely understand everything this product can do and how you can do it most easily, you`re in a great position to make the most of the gateway.View

Supported Providers

Our gateway is all about building strong connections, but some provider connections are incomplete or don’t yet exist. Visit the Supported Providers section to see which banks and processors we support and how fully we have integrated with them, including which platform, version and functionalities we support regarding each of the listed provider. This can help you learn if additional development work is needed before you can move forward with your plans. Once you’re in the know, you’re in the best possible position to make the most of the gateway. And you may be surprise when you see how many connections that you can use are already in place. View

Response Codes

Codes are the most important way that the gateway provides feedback about transactions and processes you attempt. A code often means you need to take action. As you become more and more familiar with this gateway product, you’ll know many of the most common System Codes by heart. But every user occasionally sees a code that’s unfamiliar. This complete resource allows you to see a definition of each of the System Codes so you can understand what actions you need to take, if any. And since this resource is simple and easy to read, you can get moving immediately -- allowing you to keep everyone happy and keep things functioning smoothly. View